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Development of Nation can be accelerated by enhancing transparency, fairness, honesty and integrity in every activity. Public Sector Enterprises play a vital role in Nation Building. They deal with tax payers' money. Fruits of Growth and Development of the Nation should reach every citizen for inclusive development. Vigilance function assumes a critical role in every Organisation in this direction.

Vigilance has to be looked upon as a strategic component of Management to ensure Business Efficiency. It is as important as other functions in an organization like Finance, Personnel, Technical and Marketing.

The objective of vigilance is to ensure that the management gets maximum output of its various transactions in compliance with rules and regulations. In the field of purchases, it should get the quality product at competitive rates. In the field of sales, it should get the maximum realization for its products at a competitive cost. In the field of personnel, it recruits and retains the best talent and keeps the morale of the employees high. Likewise, in all transactions, Vigilance should endeavour to get the best advantage to the Organisation.

The Vigilance Functions can broadly be divided into three parts.

  (a)  Preventive Vigilance
  (b)  Punitive Vigilance
  (c)  Surveillance & detection.

Preventive vigilance calls for constant review of rules, procedures and practices to eliminate scope for corruption. Surveillance & detection and Punitive Vigilance involves steps to maintain positive discipline through corrective actions.

We, NLCians, dedicate ourselves for creation of Organizational ethos of incorruptibility by imbibing the virtues of honesty, integrity, transparency and fairness in our actions so that our Organization reaches the commanding heights in the economic and social development of the country.

With Best Wishes,

L. Chandrasekar
Chief Vigilance Officer



NLC India Limited

(Last updated on 23-11--2021)